Mainly Used For Processing Unmanageable Deep Pinhole Such as Threading Hole,

Drilling Hole on Ultra-Hard Conducting Material for Wire Cutting on, Nozzle Opening of Oil Pump,

Spinneret Orifice of Spinning Die, Oil Way of Hydropneumatic Components and Cooling Hole of Engine.

Special Features
  • Drilling Diameter From 0.3MM To 3MM. The Maximum Depth Ratio Could Be 300:1.
  • Auto Deep Control, Blind Hole Can Also Be Maken.
  • Precision [Hole Straightness] is Less Than 0.04MM.
  • Can Drill On Oblique and Curved Surgace Directly.
  • Digital Readout 3 Axis [X,Y,Z].
  • Fast Processing Speed and Low Consumption.
  • Can Use Water As Coolant, Low Cost And Pollution.